WooCommerce: Set Default Stock Quantity For Simple Products

This is a useful code snippet for WooCommerce sites that sell products that they only have a certain amount of. Examples are Antique stores, specialty stores, collectibles, etc. Instead of manually setting quantity of the items you have in stock, you can just use the following code snippet to set a default stock quantity. This way, every new product you upload will already have a quantity inputted as a default.

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How To Get Notified When Your WordPress Site Goes Down

If you manage and administer multiple unrelated sites by your lonesome, the major worry that keeps you up at night is the thought of one of the site going down and not knowing about it asap.

There are many ways that a site goes down that can be easily fixed. The main thing is, you need to know about it right away. The sooner you know of a downtime, the faster you can get it back up again.... [Read More]

When Big Development Projects Fail: The Jollibee System Migration Snafu #ChickenSad


I like reading whitepapers and stories about big development projects. Whether it is a system migration, a complete overhaul or just small, but significant improvements, they truly are an enlightening read. This is why the recent news about how Jollibee's failed system migration is costing them 180 million pesos ($4 million USD) daily in sales was really interesting.... [Read More]