Upgrading to WooCommerce 2.2: Prowling Pangolin

September seems to be the Month of Updates. Recently we had an update to WordPress core and now we have the WooCommerce update.

WooCommerce 2.2 is now "Prowling Pangolin". They using the same naming convention as Ubuntu which is not surprising as WooThemes is a South African company.


2.2 is a major update so I am very careful with this one. I'm not the "OMG, I must update immediately!" kind of guy as that leads mostly to problems. So I'm taking this one slow.

  • Major Changelog Features Include:
  • Refunds system for orders.
  • New orders panel for managing line items + totals.
  • Language pack downloader. po and mo files removed from core (too heavy).
  • Added used payment gateway to view orders screens.
  • Allow backorders to be configured at variation level.
  • Protect admins from shop manager users.
  • Ability to add custom quantity using add_to_cart shortcode.
  • Ability to set a maximum spend for coupons.
  • Added Simplify Commerce payment gateway

The developers recommend upgrading all your WooCommerce related plugins first before upgrading WooCommerce. So make sure you do that.

I've already upgraded my WooCommerce sites in my localhost backup. But I'm devoting a considerable amount of time to testing before I start deploying this to the staging and production servers.

This is what I dread when it comes to updates... The hours upon hours of testing just to make sure nothing went kaput.